Is Your Paid Traffic Building Someone Else’s Business?

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You’re spending money on advertising your business. You’re generating leads. You’re building your business with those leads.

And though you may not realize it, you may be building someone else’s business with those same leads.

I’ve been generating leads for over 8+ years. I’ve seen a lot of shady stuff, especially when it comes to paid advertising.

Let me explain..

Overselling Leads

Back in the day, vendors would oversell leads to customers – 15 times or more. Reselling leads was like printing money for them. I felt bad for the people buying these oversold leads, and I felt bad for the people on those lists.

They would be bombarded with phone call pitches and promotional emails after promotional emails.

Today, you can pay for super targeted leads with paid traffic. But, now there seems to be a new set of games being played by certain vendors.

Bot Traffic + Server Post = Fake Traffic

I tested a paid traffic source a few years ago. They lit up my web analytics with web bots at my capture page but no leads were created. Days later I started receiving dozens of leads. However, my real-time web analytics showed that there was no one at my capture page while the leads were coming in.

How does that happen?

I’ll tell you how this can happen…

That vendor used web bots to make it appear as if people visited my capture page. Then they used a server post to post leads directly into my autoresponder webform even though no one was actually at my capture page.

It’s likely that they used old leads. Certainly these leads had not seen my capture page, nor did they see my sales page.

Solo Ad Vendor + Guaranteed Optins = No Results

This is concerning to me… A new trend is appearing where solo vendors will guarantee optins to your capture page, if you use their capture pages.

Industry sources say certain solo vendors are purchasing email drops from large email publishers, then having that traffic directed to their own capture page. Customers get an optin lead, as does the solo ad vendor. The vendor uses the lead to build their own solo ad list. They blast to this list until it’s burned out, at which time they go on to sell it to others.

Solo Ad Vendor + Their Capture Page = Retargeted Traffic

Certain solo vendors are placing a tracking pixel at your “thank you” page or “sales page” in an effort to “retarget” or “remarket” to traffic they’ve delivered to you.

Capture Page Systems Using, Selling Your Leads

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of online marketing systems do this. It is common for us to use various test email addresses in those systems during setup. It’s always interesting to see emails arrive at those test email accounts weeks, months and even years later.

How does that happen?

The system owner often keeps a copy of the leads that go into the system. So while you paid for the advertising to generate your own leads, the system owner has a copy of those same leads. They use them for their own personal marketing, then sell them as old leads.

Not all system owners do this. But it happens without you ever knowing about it.

So, I just wanted to make you aware of things like this… And the point, be very careful where you buy clicks or do paid advertising?

If you gained value, please leave your thoughts in the comments below and share with your friends.

Talk soon,

Carl Davies


PS: Wondering where to start? I recommend you click here.


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