How To Get Repeated Traffic Back To Your Blog?

how to get traffic to your blog

Do you want more repeated traffic to your blog?

This blog post is designed to help you get traffic to your blog by tapping into your current list.

Email broadcasting is responsible for most of the repeated visitors to my blog.

Broadcast Your Blog Posts To Your List

In my opinion, the easiest way to get repeated traffic back to your blog is to email the leads you already have.

If they opted into your list, your blog can be used as follow-up.

What do I mean by follow-up?

I mean to use the broadcast feature with your autoresponder. Not enough people broadcast to their list. They rely on their autoresponder email series.

I am telling you, if you are not emailing MANUALLY at least once a day, you are losing a lot of money.

Once you publish a blog post – grab the link to your post. Go to your autoresponder, and send an email broadcast sharing your blog post to your list.

Even if you have emailed once already, email the blog post. Just do it. Don’t be afraid to email your list twice a day. Just get into the habit of emailing your blog post to your list. Your emails don’t have to be perfect. You just need to get your stuff out there!

Watch this video below to see how easy it is to send a broadcast to your list?

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Talk soon,

Carl Davies


PS: Wondering where to start? I recommend you click here.


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