How To Market Your Business With No Money?

how to market your business with no moneyhow to market your business with no money

So, you have no marketing budget?

There is a few things you can do that will work really well. If I had little to no funds to market my business, I would do a combination of these things I reveal in this blog post.

Hopefully this will help you advertise your business when you have little to no marketing budget?

Here is what I recommend…

Build a Huge Social Media Following

The biggest marketers online today have huge social media followings and for good reason. So, I would start here.

I would be active on Facebook and Twitter. I would spend about 30 minutes to an hour building my following on these two platforms.

Build as big of a following as you possibly can…

Be sure to post value daily on both of these platforms. Things like motivational quotes, lifestyle photos of you, and blog posts if you own a blog.

Things like this work really well…

Something cool you can do is repurpose the same content on both Facebook and Twitter. This can save you time!

Do Value Based Videos On Youtube

Create videos for your target market teaching something, and give back to the marketplace. If your target market is for internet marketers, share some tips you know for internet marketers. If it’s for weight loss, share some tips on losing weight. I would then post these videos to Youtube and drive massive traffic to my websites.

Does this make sense?

You want to solve peoples problems for your target market. Becoming a solutions provider is the best thing you can do for the long-term.

Do this every single day!

Build up your following on Facebook and Twitter. Post quotes, lifestyle pictures, blog posts, and anything else you can think of that brings value to peoples lives.

Post your Youtube videos with a call to action to visit your website and then immediately post to Facebook and Twitter.

If you did all this and nothing else you can build your business for free. I don’t think you can do anything else other than this and still be building your business for free and be making money.

Anything else and it’s going to cost you money to advertise your business. If you want to build a business for free, this is what I would recommend you do?

Go out there and take massive action!

To your success,

Carl Davies


PS: If you get value from this post feel free to share it with your friends or teammates.


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