Are You Making This Mistake With Your Email List?

are you making this mistake with your email list

Most people make this mistake when it comes to building an email list, and some of the top marketers I know are still doing this.

And if you DON’T do what I advise you to do… you will lose money!

Worse still, you will lose trust in your prospects and future customers. If your prospects and customers are losing trust in you, this can be very hard to get back.

This is what I want you to think about moving forward…

What Can You Do For Your List?

You see most people go into list building thinking $$$ signs. They think about “how much can I squeeze out of people?”.

Of course, it’s good to have financial goals in your business, and to make revenue from your list. But, when you think about your list as $$$ signs, you forget about the most important thing:

Every lead on your list is a human being with problems who are looking to you for help.

You might want to read that line again to en grain it into your mind.

Now, it’s not your fault if all you are doing is selling all the time with your list. You probably have been taught wrong… You might even be thinking about your list as just numbers!

Some marketers brag about having 500 leads and how much they make from a ‘small’ list of 500.

What does a list of 500 actually look like?

When you look at this list in Aweber, it’s just straight numbers. Kind of hard to get emotional about, I’ll admit.

But what if you put the same list of 500 into one room?

Look at this picture below…

The New York Times

The man in the picture above is talking to 500 people, and when you send an email to 500 people you are doing the same thing! Real, breathing, living, and heart beating PEOPLE!

What does your list of people want?

If you are building a list, real people are opt in to your list because they want you to solve a particular problem for them, and only when you show them that you are capable of this, will they buy.

You must build trust and credibility…

You do this by providing information they can use. Reward them for trusting you with their personal email address. Show them you care and provide VALUE!

So I ask you, what can YOU do for your list?

Did you enjoy this? If so, please leave me your thoughts and share.

Make it a great day!

Carl Davies


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