The 3 Must Have List Building Tools

list building tools

By this point, you must realize that NOT list building is a serious mistake.

Not to mention this will leave a huge amount of money on the table for you.

The list I mention below… isn’t very big at all.

In fact, you may be surprised to find out how simple it is to start building your list with just a few of the items mentioned in this list. Some will be a good ROI (return on investment) and others will be the piece to the puzzle.

But ALL will enhance and increase your earnings, and connect with your prospects better!

So let’s begin…

The 3 Recommended Tools To Supercharge Your List Building Efforts

#1 – Autoresponder Email Provider

If you’re going to be an email marketer, you’ve got to be able to send emails.

What is an autoresponder?

In simple terms, it’s an email system to create and send emails by broadcasts and automatic emails.

Which means you can set up a series of 5, 10, 30, or even a year’s worth of emails to go out to subscribers completely hands-free. This allows you to build know, like, trust and build up credibility and provide value on a consistent basis.

The most reliable, and trustworthy autoresponder that has been around for years (and with affordable monthly cost) is Rocketresponder!

It’s incredibly easy to use, and they have outstanding features that will allow you to get started lighting fast.

They provide custom email templates, capture forms, (to collect names and email addresses) and most importantly broadcasts to send special promotions or anything you have to say.

This is a MUST!

#2 – Capture Page Builder

This allows you to quickly and easily create a ‘Capture Page’ that focuses on one important task; collecting prospects details into an autoresponder.

Putting capture forms on your blog is a good idea, but if you want to be effective at list building, you want to eliminate distractions as much as you can. That is what a capture page builder can do?

It’s a good idea to give something away for free… in exchange for a name and email address.

One of the most popular ones in the industry is Leadpages. Again, this is really easy to use and was created for newbies in mind!

This will allow you to focus on growing your list with ease.

3# – Free Gift/Giveaway

Why are prospects going to give you their email address? Because they want something of value in return.

The truth… Most people will not give up their email address so easily. They want something of value that will help them achieve their goal.

That is where a free gift or giveaway comes into play. When you have a custom gift that has been designed by YOU. This creates insane value in prospects minds.

Your free gift/giveaway should be relevant to your prospects desires or wants.

Here is an example?

Let’s say you are in the weight loss niche, and your ideal target market is women who want to lose weight? You could create a short report, or video training showing woman ‘The 5 Simple  Weight Loss Tricks That Sheds 10 Pounds and 3 Inches in 14 Days or Less!’

Your stuff doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to demonstrate what you know? Provide value to them, and they will love you for it.

So there you go!

These 3 things will get you started building your list right away and with the least amount of time and headache.

Did you enjoy this? If so, I would really appreciate it if you could comment and share.

Thanks for reading!

Carl Davies


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