5 Killer Facebook LIVE Content Ideas To Get Viewers Glued To Your Screen

facebook live content ideas

Facebook LIVE is properly the hottest online tool to reach and engage with prospects!

Even if you are brand new or a veteran and been at this for awhile, you will eventually run out of ideas and think “What the heck do I do to keep people engage?”.

We’ve all been there, but don’t worry because I am about to help you through it.

Once you’ve finished with this blog post, you’ll never have to worry again. You will have a never ending supply of ideas for your next Facebook LIVE. This will ultimately help you to generate leads and sales.

5 Facebook LIVE Content Ideas To Keep You Busy… Possibly FOREVER!

#1: How To’s

Let me ask you… How many times have you search for ‘How To’ information? Probably loads.

And guess what? You and I aren’t the only ones. People in different niches are ALWAYS looking for how to information. Stuff like, ‘How to add images to a blog’ or ‘How to get more leads’ or even ‘How to get more traffic to a blog’ etc.

I could go on and on and never run out of ideas for how to’s. And you know what? So can YOU!

Show people how to do something on Facebook and they’ll love you for it. They might even become a lead.

#2: Questions & Answers

When someone get’s their questions answered this can be powerful.

‘Questions & Answers’ with a Facebook LIVE are good because they can attract people to you, and help increase engagement. (Hint: Facebook loves this)

Oh and let’s not forget this will help you to look like an expert.

#3: Interviews

There is always experts out there you can interview and most are willing to be interviewed because they will like the free publicity and from your audience.

This can be beneficial for a BIG reason for you…

When your audience sees you hanging out with someone they perceive as an expert, YOU’RE instantly looked at as an expert. This can really help to build leads, sales, and your bank account!

#4: Product Launches or Special Promotions

If you are reading this you’re probably selling stuff, and you want to earn more dough, right?

If you’re running a product launch, or a special promotion there’s no better way to get immediate engagement than using a Facebook LIVE.

Between the live event, and the recording you can grab up some nice sales.

Don’t have your own product? Not to worry, this can work really well for promoting an affiliate product.

#5: Success Stories

If there’s one thing that people really like, it’s a success story from someone. And it doesn’t even have to be yours!

Success stories can make YOU look great to both prospects and past customers! Do you have someone you know who just got their first few sales? Get them on a Facebook LIVE.

(Thinking I should have charged for that one) 😉

Alrighty, these should be enough to get you going! Give it a shot… FB LIVE is FREE.

If you get value from this post, leave me a comment below and feel free to share.

Make it a great day!

Carl Davies

Email: support@carldavies.net

PS: Want to work directly with me? The best way is to click here and get started.


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