Seven Leadership Qualities That Will Attract Prospects To You

seven leadership qualities

Leadership can come in different forms and fashions. However, if you want to attract prospects to you, then focus on these seven leadership qualities.

I can promise you this… If you become what these seven qualities convey, you will never run out of prospects or ideal customers no matter what you are promoting?

1 – Empowerment

Do you want to grow your business for the long-term? If so, then focus on empowering other people.

Helping people to develop their strengths and skills will build trust and with every potential prospect moving forward.

A real leader will always lift people up and pull out the best of people. This is what makes an effective leader?

2 – Confidence

A true leader must display a certain amount of confidence at all times, and not fake confidence.

People are looking for leaders who display confidence in the direction they can actually vision themselves becoming!

Just to be clear… Confidence is not arrogance.

Confidence works really well for gaining respect from your peers, business partners, customers and potential prospects.

3 – Transparency

Do you want to build MASSIVE TRUST with your team members, prospects, and customers?

Then transparency is key.

We live in a world of transparency and we can thank social media for that.

People want real. They don’t want fluff, and they certainly don’t want fake. They want real people… and all of us make mistakes from time to time. People can be forgiving of others, but you must be open and transparent about it.

A leader that demonstrates transparency will almost always attract large crowds and loyal fans.

4 – Integrity

As a leader you must choose to do what is right instead of being right.

When integrity is broken, so goes the trust with customers, prospects, and business partners.

Here is my definition of ‘Integrity’…

Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.

We can choose to ignore it or we can listen and take note… Perhaps there is no greater trait to have than integrity.

5 – Passion

Loving what you do is a major key to being successful at something?

Having passion means that no matter how successful you become, you still persist and push through to do it bigger, better, and greater.

Passion for what you do will make all the difference and the impact you have on others.

6 – Patience

You must understand that success is a journey not a marathon. No matter what you are doing, there is always a process and it will take time.

If you understand this and know there is a process, you are well on your way.

7 – Authenticity

Authenticity is what makes a leader stand out in the crowd from all others.

This allows you to demonstrate your authentic voice and after all, there is only one of YOU in the world.

As a leader, you will build skills along the way that you learn from other leaders in your niche but make sure that you never lose your authentic voice.


Make the decision that you will do what it takes to be a leader. People are waiting to follow you when you finally step into your leadership role.

Did you get value from this? If so comment below and feel free to share it with your friends.

Make it a great day!

Carl Davies


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