3 Content Creation Tips That Can Make You An Authority

content creation tips

In the years of being in business I learned about a unique concept called ‘Attraction Marketing’ and it’s one of the best ways to market.

It’s a simple concept to understand, but can make all the difference in business.

To get leads and sales is all about trust in the eyes of your prospects.

If you know your stuff, you can become an authority.

But, here’s the good news…

It doesn’t have to take months or even years… You can do it quickly.

Here are 3 ways content creation can create authority for your business.

1. To Teach Creates Authority

Remember a time in school were the teacher was in front of the class teaching something.

You instantly viewed them as the authority because they were teaching you, right?

Of course you did… They knew all the answers and you listened to know how to do it?

Creating content has the very same effect. When you are the one teaching, you now become the authority in the eyes of your prospects.

People will look at you as the one with the answers, and they will pay attention to you.

But, one problem that still exists today is people think they need to have results in order to teach.

This is not true.

You simply need to read about something, studying something long enough, and relay the information back to someone.

Anybody can teach something to someone… It’s the ones that consistently do this that will succeed.

It’s really simple, just don’t feel you have to have results to do it.

2. Get To Know Your Industry Well

It’s very important that you know your industry well enough. If you’re half-arsing in your business than you might struggle with this one.

The reason for this is, if your really passionate about something you will pursue.

Your knowledge and passion will shine through in your content. If you create regular blog posts or videos than you need to love what you do?

You can’t ever fake it. People will notice!

People can instantly see if you are putting your all in something or you are being fake.

You can become knowledgeable in your industry by just showing up.

You heard me… Showing up! This means to, get on webinars, tune in to conference calls, and to attend events. Investing in yourself is extremely important for growth.

3. Become The Value Resource

The best thing in my opinion, that content can do for you is to become an incredible resource for others in your industry.

You can create a piece of content reviewing a product, service, or tool and share it with your audience.

If the product, service, or tool provides value they will love you for it.

In fact, they could even start asking you questions and your opinions before buying.

You really need to understand, people are being sold to every single minute of the day. Many times they don’t know who to trust, or even believe.

Just give them a reason to trust, and believe you. Create review content and talk about the product, service, or tool and how it can benefit them.

This not only creates authority for you, but it can also pay you many times over.

Anytime you find cool resources or tools, share it with your people, even if it’s a free resource as you will become an authority in the process.


Authority is really the only way I will build my business today.

Once you realize how to pump value into the marketplace while creating content you will be hooked.

What thoughts do you have to share in the comments below? I want to hear from you.

Make it a great day!

Carl Davies

Email: support@carldavies.net

PS: Work with me personally and get coaching in the process! Click here to get started.


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