7 Easy Steps To Turn Your Facebook Live Broadcast Into Must See Events

facebook live broadcast

Doing a Facebook live broadcast can really grab attention, engage with your audience, and build authority.

Yet some people are struggling to get views, keep viewers, and compel viewers to take action on the things they want them to take action on.

What I am about to reveal solves all those things above, to get views, keep viewers, and get them taking action on your stuff!

7 Easy Steps To Get Better, And Better With Your Facebook Live Broadcasts!

#1 Promote Your Facebook Live

You want to get the word out you’ll be going LIVE. If you really want to crush it, you can’t just rely on people hopping on.

Therefore you want to use all your marketing skills at your disposal.

Promote ahead of time… Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and your email list. Do whatever you can?

There’s even a cool feature on Facebook itself where you can schedule before hand. Maybe I will share this in another blog post one day.

#2 Prepare To Make It Awesome

You want to deliver outstanding content before people jump on your FB live. Do some preparation beforehand…

Here’s some ideas for you?

  • Write down some notes you want to share.
  • Set up good lighting so viewers can see you.
  • Test your audio to check if you have excellent sound.
  • Make sure you have strong internet connection.

All of those things above will help and hopefully keep people on longer!

#3 Be Yourself

Remember your selling yourself! It’s all about YOU, Inc!

Just be yourself. Have fun and display your personality so your audience can connect with you.

When you do that people will feel good about themselves, and they’ll remember you for how you make them feel?

#4 Interact With Your Viewers

Keep an eye out for comments. Respond to them live. Your audience will feel good, and they will like you even more.

One of the most powerful things you can do is ask questions so they can respond back to you.

This helps if you’re feeling nervous by the way. This can get you in the zone and keep you on point. Plus… it will give you things to talk about!

#5 Include Call To Actions

You should ALWAYS have a purpose in every piece of content you create, especially Facebook Live’s.

Before you go LIVE, make sure you’ve got a compelling call to action for viewers to take.

Here’s some ideas for call to actions:

  • Leave a comment
  • Like your Facebook page
  • Opt in to your mailing list
  • Visit your website
  • Private message you

Keep in mind it’s about what works best for you? It’s always been beneficial for me to focus on building my list. But, there’s no one rule that fits all!

#6 Edit & Optimize

Facebook will automatically record and archive your Facebook Live!

You’ll most likely get the bulk of your views on the recording after your live is finished. So this is a great chance for you to optimize your FB LIVE.

You can add text in the description to grab people’s attention. Include tags for people to find organically, and even add a thumbnail so it’s more appealing.

If you want to get targeted eyeballs, you can BOOST it on Facebook’s ad platform!

I will most likely do a post in the near future…

#7 Analyze Your Results

A big part of marketing is knowing your numbers. So with each FB live, you’ll want to analyze your results. This will let you know what is working, and what’s not working?

Facebook has an interesting tool called ‘Insights’. You can see things like average watch time, and even see people dropping off.

This can help you tweak your FB LIVES and keep the retention rate low on your broadcasts!

What now?

Get ready to do a Facebook Live, promote before hand, do it,  optimize after it’s over, and check your results. Then rinse and repeat!

Did you get value from this post? If so, leave me a comment and feel free to share.

Talk soon,

Carl Davies

Email: support@carldavies.net


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