5 Key Attributes Of Integrity For Your Marketing

attributes of integrity

This is a word you hear a lot in life, but not so much in the home business arena.


I just want to be honest with you… You can fool people ONCE, but without integrity your audience, and customers can sense this and it’s VERY hard to gain their trust back.

And even worse, bad news travels fast. So it’s important to deploy a sense of integrity in your marketing.

The 5 Key Attributes That Ensure You’re Leading With Integrity!

#1 Always Strive To Get Better

Those that are always striving to get better tend to have integrity in their business. They go hand-in-hand.

Growing as a person means to analyze, tweak, and develop yourself. More importantly, you’re recognizing areas in your life, and your business that needs improvement.

Which means you’re probably recognizing where you’re not being integral.

#2 Doing The Right Thing

People with integrity will do the right thing according to their own personal principles, along with the principles of business ethics.

These are often the people who feel… thinking online; Your word is binding as a signed signature.

When you lead with a strong moral code, integrity usually follows!

#3 Be Reliable

The funny thing this is so rare it usually wins people over.

Some will do what they say they will do, and fewer don’t do what they say they will do. So always do what you say you’re going to do… When you say you’re going to do it!

If you get this right, you will earn trust, and have truly loyal fans!

#4 Take Ownership Of Your Mistakes

Of course reliability can be shaken. Things can happen beyond our control. We can miss deadlines. We can forget to maybe send a refund. Or a product doesn’t get delivered properly.

Most people won’t hold it against you, if they see that you hold yourself accountable!

Take ownership, and show that you’re prepared to make up for the mistakes.

#5 Genuinely Care

When you care about your audience, you’ll always check to make sure their needs are met. You show respect for their time, and for their money that they may have given you.

Most marketers will look at their audience as just numbers. It’s so easy to do online especially when you’re seeing their faces as, only names, and lists!

You have to see past that, and treat everyone as human beings. We all have our own hopes, dreams, and goals…

If you really care for others you’ll likely lead with the utmost integrity!

Bonus #6: Self-Respect

People with integrity tend to never be pushovers. While they’ll go the extra mile, they also refuse to be taken advantage of.

And that’s vital!

If you don’t respect yourself, your time, your money, and your value… Why should anybody else?

This will strengthen all of the other attributes above!

If you got value feel free to comment below, and tell me if I may have missed anything as I want to raise the bar for our profession.

Make it a great day!

Carl Davies

Email: support@carldavies.net

PS: Want to work with me? Click here and get started!


2 thoughts on “5 Key Attributes Of Integrity For Your Marketing

    1. This post applies to all home business owners like network marketers, affiliate marketers, and direct sellers. I’m happy you find this useful.

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