Two Of The Biggest Video Marketing Excuses Home Business Owners Use For NOT Doing Videos

video marketing excuses

So many people make up excuses for NOT doing videos, yet they know videos are almost essential to growing a home business.

I’ve covered this in the past and why it’s essential on this blog.

But here’s a quick recap summed up in a few sentences: “It’s the fastest way possible to create KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST to building a brand online… And to have people joining your list and buying from you!”

So now you know why.

Would you like to know the two biggest excuses home business owners make for NOT doing videos? Camera and lighting. Yes, you heard that right… So I’m about to completely shatter the camera and lighting excuses, and add some tips to the mix.

But before we begin…

Chances Are…You Have Everything You Need RIGHT NOW To Start Doing Videos!


We’re NOT going for Hollywood blockbusters. The message and the value are what really counts than anything else.

You can get as fancy as you want, but it’s not necessary. In fact some of the biggest video marketers who have generated thousands of red-hot leads and buyers us a simple set up.

Just wanted to make that crystal clear…


Let’s make this simple… Your phone will work fine!

It’s highly likely your phone comes attached with a camera. Most people now days have smartphones, and some have really great cameras on them. There is no need to buy expensive cameras when an iPhone will do the job better than most of those expensive cameras will ever do.

In fact, the quality of the iPhone has the highest quality lenses to date. You can even edit your videos on the fly and then upload straight to YouTube.

If you need to buy something, then investing in a tripod for your phone is the way to go. You can pick up a decent one for as little as $8 dollars.

Now let’s move on…

Your laptop comes with a built-in camera!

Almost ever laptop comes with a camera built straight into it. You may actually have one right now if you’re on a laptop reading this post.

It works fine for making videos. And no tripod is required 🙂

No laptop, but you have a desktop computer?

Not to worry! Go get a webcam!

But won’t that cost an arm and a leg? Well, the top 3 selling webcams on Amazon as of writing this are #1: $62 #2: $29 #3: $20. This might set you back a couple of coffees at your local Starbucks.

GUCEE HD92 Webcam

Won’t this be well worth it when the leads and commissions come rolling in? Nod and say YES… Because I promise you it will.

Summary: You can likely start for free with what you already have, or make a small investment and watch it take off with video marketing!


Every viewer wants to see your face because this is what builds that know, like, and trust.

And what better lighting is there then the sun. Just make sure you time it right when you go to make your video.

Sunrise or sunset is best, but make sure people can clearly see your face.

Free lighting from Mother Nature. You can’t beat that.

Now if you’re inside, you might have to experiment a bit with the positioning. Near the window or a well-lit room works best.

You can also experiment with your own lamps in the house. Just play around and you’ll find some cool lighting spots no matter where you’re at. And again, it’s FREE. You’re using what you already have at your disposal.

Doing this will turn you into a resourceful marketer which is a skill that every entrepreneur needs!

Fancy Lighting

You can get as fancy as you want with your lighting. It’s not necessary as you just saw.

But if you insist on getting things perfect (there’s no such thing), then you can grab this great lighting kit: “CowBoy Studio Quick Softbox Lighting Light Kit”.

This is an easy set up for less than $90 bucks!

The Key To Video Marketing Is To Just Get Started!

Yes, the key is getting started.

The whole point of video marketing is to share a whole lot of value that viewers want to hear so they can get results for themselves.

Getting leads and sales is a result of the value you deliver out there. Remember that!

The only thing that I CAN guarantee, is that the more you help others with your videos, the more forgiving they will be no matter what your set-up is!

So there you go!

I hope this helps you out and I’ve now shattered the two biggest excuses for getting started… Now go out and crush it with video marketing!

Did you gain value? If so, please share and comment on this blog post. I always appreciate the love!

Enjoy your day!

Carl Davies


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