2 Sneaky Content Ideas For Blogs To Find Out Exactly What Your Audience Is Craving For

content ideas for blogs

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Do you find yourself creating content for your audience that gets very little traction (if any?) Frustrating isn’t it?

But why does this happen?

The answer for most marketers is simple… You’re not feeding the crowd what it wants.

But how do you really know what they want?

Usually, the normal answer is ‘Keyword Research’ and this is important to get a broad view of topics you could potentially create content around. But it’s definitely NOT the only way.

Keyword research is not the end all for bloggers like most people think. It’s only a beginning. At least if you want people craving for your next blog post (Every time!)

So let’s begin…

2 Sneaky Tricks to Find Out What Your Audience Wants to Know About (and Keep Them Coming Back for MORE!)

#1 Ask

If you don’t already own an email list or a following on Facebook, then this might not apply to you just yet. If that is the case, please move on to #2.

However, if you DO have an email list and a following on Facebook then the best way to give them what they want is… to ask them.

The easiest way to do this is to create a poll on Facebook. If you own a Facebook page (with Fans) then create a quick poll.

Another thing you can do is use a service like Survey Monkey to send a survey to your list… Asking a few questions for your audience to vote on!

Now if you want to really get specific – create a post on your Facebook page that asks specific questions like:

“What is the main thing you struggle with right now in your business?”


“Do you find it tough to convert people to sales?”

This is effective and you will find people will start listing out specific problems that they need solutions for. Problems that you can create content around and give right back.

#2 Amazon Book Reviews

Yep! This so underutilized that most of your competition is not doing this.

People will leave detailed reviews for books. They’ll say things like: “I bought this book because I wanted to learn _______” and then go on to say what a good job the author did for providing the answers, or how crap the book was!

Either way, there’s a good deal of information for you to run with!

For example, two popular network marketing leaders who happen to be husband and wife Ray & Jessica Higdon have a book called “Top Earner Recruiting Secrets” over at Amazon. The Higdon’s have loads 5-star reviews.

And one 5-star reviewer said: “In addition to that, Jessica gave some HUGE tips and great questions to ask your prospects that will help you sponsor more people.”

Can you see the hidden resource? I’ll make it easier for you!

“Great questions to ask your prospects that will help you sponsor more people.”

That right there is a great idea to create content about! If this person was interested in prospecting, then don’t you think other people will probably be interested too.

You betcha they will…

Just head on over to Amazon, search for your niche in the books section, and go start taking ideas from other people’s reviews. Read the good, the bad, and the ugly and start picking out some golden gems!

I pretty much just gave you a whole lifetime of topics to find and to start producing content like a rockstar.

Did you get value? Then share and leave me a comment. I love your feedback big or small.

Make it a great day!

Carl Davies

Email: support@carldavies.net

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