3 Critical Things You MUST Know Before You THINK About Starting a Blog

starting a blog

For some, the thing that can hold us back from actually starting a blog is not the technical stuff, or blogging consistently. It’s simply not clearly understanding a few things we should know before we begin blogging.

The techie stuff is just an excuse anyway. In fact, it’s easy than ever now to get started blogging.

And if you’re in a niche you LOVE, blogging consistently shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, the most important thing is to focus on the potential reader.

That’s who matters most?

Your #1 goal should be to focus on providing actual value to your readers, so that they see you as a trusted resource, and in turn keep coming back for more, and more, over and over again!

The more you do this, the more leads you get, the more sales you get, and the more sign-ups you’ll get from your blog.

So with that said…

Here’s 3 Questions You MUST Ask Yourself Before You Create Any Piece Of Content!

#1 Who Is Your Target Market?

This is really important.

What are you supposed to blog about, if you don’t know clearly who is your target market? In other words, who is your ideal prospect?

The mistake I see new bloggers make is they think all blog readers are potential prospects, or customers. This is a massive waste of time.

The biggest advice I can give you is to think about what you REALLY like talking about most… And then ask yourself “What can I talk about for at least 5 years?”.

Now to really know your target market, you must know…

#2 What Does Your Target Market Want?

Getting crystal clear on WHO your target market is will help you figure out what they want. Why? Because again… The reason you have a blog is to serve.

Take me for example, the tagline for my blog is…

“Providing home business owners with the latest secrets and strategies to get more leads and sales.”

I know my target market is home business owners, like network marketers, affiliate marketers, and direct sellers.

But, let me give you a great tip. You want some room to branch out. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself. Meaning, don’t go so deep that you are stuck making the same topics, over and over again. This can get really boring! Trust me!

Did you catch the last line of my tagline? It said: “Strategies to get more leads and sales.”

This means I can blog about…

  • Blogging
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • And so much more…

All under the home biz arena. Get it?

Therefore you want to narrow down as much as possible, but to the point you don’t completely pigeon-hole yourself.

I do hope you understand this. It’s so crucial. Maybe I will make a video one day covering this part in more detail.

#3 How Can You Make Their Life Easier For Them?

Your customers, and prospects are really searching for a leader who can get them from point A to B the fastest.

For example, if your target market is home business owners (like me) who want to earn 6-figures, how do you think they will feel if you actually helped them earn 6-figures per year? Do you think that this will earn you some trust in their eyes?

A big fat YES it will.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be as big as that, but you get my point.

You want to begin creating content that can help them take steps to their end goal(s), and in turn this will build trust among your blog readers. Then you will have loyal fans, and readers who will follow you!

Now go figure out exactly who your target market is, what they want, and create content that gets them closer to their goals! That’s your ticket to financial freedom!

Did this help? If so, leave a comment and feel free to share this.

Have a great day!

Carl Davies

PS: Ready to start your own blog? Go register at WordPress.com


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