Why YOU Should Focus on High Quality Youtube Videos

high quality youtube videos

YouTube is a BEAST when it comes to marketing your home business?

But only if you do things right.

While everyone seems to be talking about video on Facebook (which is powerful) you’ll be mad to ignore YouTube.

YouTube currently gets over 5 billion video views EVERY SINGLE DAY!

It’s massive!

And if you add mobile into the mix (where people can watch anytime, and anywhere) it gets even more massive!

So my point is YOU should be publishing videos on YouTube.

However things HAVE changed…

The Days of Pumping Out Videos for Quantity Are Gone! Quality Is Quickly Becoming The Thing To Do On YouTube!

There’s a couple of reasons why you should focus on quality over quantity?

First, you have to remember that Google owns YouTube.

Google made a conscious effort in its algorithm to provide their customers with the best experience possible and provide relevance above all other things. So, they are really cracking down on duplicate content…

And they are doing the same thing on YouTube!

They have been doing this for quite some time, and really cracking down on low quality videos.

So the obvious thing to do is create longer, more value driven videos.

Personal note: Frequency of upload is a factor, but not as important. If you upload high-quality videos on a regular basis, then you’re crushing it! But never focus on quantity. It’s not worth it!

YouTube Wants You to Educate, or Entertain Your Viewers!

This means they want you to keep bringing visitors back to their platform!

How do YouTube know your videos are adding value?

Nobody really knows their algorithm with 100% certainty, but many people have experimented (including me) to see what works best, or not?

View Duration – How long are viewers watching your videos? What percentage of them drop off?

Let’s say you create a 7 minute video and the majority of your viewers are dropping off within the first minute or so? This is giving YouTube a big single that your video is of low quality?

But if you give good info, and they are sticking around longer, YouTube is going to reward you (in the form of rankings) and more people will come back for more.

Which means more potential earnings for you, and for YouTube?

Channel Subscribers – How many of your subscribers are interacting with your videos? Do you have subscribers who can’t wait to watch your next video?

Basically, what does YouTube think about your channel?

If you have lot’s of subscribers who are loving your videos? Do you think they will give you more juice in their search engine? Absolutely!

And here’s a big secret. YouTube doesn’t promote videos, they promote channels!

Which means if you’re constantly giving out good stuff, then they’ll be much kinder to YOUR channel, and rank your videos higher!

(I’ll dig deeper into YouTube ranking factors in future blog posts!)

The Number One Reason You Should Focus On Quality over Quantity!

If you focus on creating videos that offer massive value upfront for your viewers, you’ll automatically please YouTube.

Again, YouTube wants you to keep feeding visitors (real people) back to their platform. And for you to keep them there as long as possible.

If your videos give value, and make people trust you, then why wouldn’t they subscribe to your channel? Why wouldn’t they keep watching more of your videos?

It’s all about the value, value, and value! It’s the key to crushing it on YouTube!

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Make it a great day!

Carl Davies

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