3 Reasons People Will Share Content Through Social Media Like Crazy

Have you ever noticed someone sharing a piece of content on Facebook, and they get hundreds of likes and shares?

Cool, right?

Well let’s face it… More shares means more traffic, and therefore more leads and sales. So it’s vital to get people sharing your stuff like crazy!

If you want to succeed at social media…

Luckily for you, there are some emotional triggers to make this happen on a regular basis. You’ve just got to tap into these triggers in order for people to hit the like, and share button!

But don’t make the mistake of thinking people are going to automatically share your content to help YOU gain more leads and sales! There not ALWAYS going to do this for YOU!

So the question is WHY are they going to do it?…

3 Reasons People Will Like & Share Your Stuff (And How to Make it Happen More Often!)

#1 To Make Themselves Look Awesome!

Just like all of us, they’re trying to increase their social currency! Everyone who is actively doing social media want to come across as someone worth following.

And what can make someone worth following? One word, value! Things that can help their followers.

It’s a win, win! They will look awesome for sharing, and YOU will look good for providing the value! In fact, you will come across as an expert who created something so great that the person will feel compelled to share.

So if you want people to share your stuff, make sure it’s worth sharing. (Kind of like this piece of content. Feel free to hit the share button. Hehe!)

#2 To Provide Value To Other People

Now… people aren’t all selfish! Most people want to help others. Why?

Because it makes us feel good to help other people. Just think about how you would feel if you gave something to someone they wanted or needed? Giving is much better than receiving!

Ever helped someone out that you didn’t expect or wanted something in return?

How did that make you feel?

Feels good… Right? It gives us a huge rush of oxytocin (the same as a hug), and it just feels good!

So how do you get people to share your content?

Create good stories, stories that help connect with your followers! Create inspirational content. People will be more inclined to share those types of content because it makes them feel good to help others.

#3 To Establish a Connection

Here’s something awesome…

Some people WILL like, and share your content to establish a connection with you. Almost like they are CONNECTED to you in some way or another.

For example, let’s just say you hit some great results in your home business. People will LIKE and COMMENT because they’re happy for you.

They feel like they have a connection with you. Maybe they’ll even tag their team mates or a friend to share your results.

This is powerful stuff!

Take Action Time…

Alright, so now you know the three reasons people will like & share your content… And a few tips to help you out! Get out there and do it!

Thanks for reading!

Carl Davies

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